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IMA Club Challenge - Tournament
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The Inspired MA Club Challenge is on, this is a fantastic event that offers students the opportunity to to try out different types of companion in a safe, fun filled way. The events are only with other Inspired MA students and provide students a chance to try out different events and see if they would like to compete in larger events. 

5:00pm Start

Saturday 26th Nov 2022

Lear More about the Events
High Kick Competition 

The high kick is a great deal of fun and the rules are very simple, each participant takes turns of kicking a pad held at varying heights until they miss two times at that height. (Think High Jump) 

To make it fair we will take each participants height and the pad will move up based on a % of the students height.

(so %5 at a time)

Point Grappling / Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling is a fun fast paced event, competitors simply push and pull each other and try to get their opponent to step out of the ring or tip them off balance so they fall to the ground. Once on the ground they have 10 to 15 seconds to get to a controlling position. 

Students will need a Gi top (We will supply if they don't have one) and they must maintain contact with the gi, so no pushing and shoving unless you are holding your opponent. 

Clash (Continuous)  Sparring

Clash Sparring is continuous Karate style sparring, students will try to score points by delivering clean punches and kicks to the body (lite touch) and head area (No head contact for Jnr Competitors, very lite contact for older competitors)

The main difference is that competitors continue to trade scoring techniques and accumulate several points at a time. 

Point Sparring 

Point Sparring is Karate style sparring, students will try to score points by delivering clean punches and kicks to the body (lite touch) and head area (No head contact for Jnr Competitors, very lite head contact for older competitors. 

The below video is just a general video, contact limits vary based on age, so the younger the competitor the less contact allowed. 

Kata Competition 

The kata competition will be done in as a 1 v 1 style, this is simply two competitors do Katas at the same time and the judges pick a winner by raising a red of blue flag. Winners move on and numbers permitting the runners up will get a second chance to make the finals. 

Flag Sparring

Info and video coming soon

General Information 

Competition Divisions - Each competition will be divided up into divisions based on age, size and experience, wherever possible we will try to ensure the competition is as fair as possible. Please keep in mind that this is a small tournament, so it may not always be possible to do this but we will do our best. 

Prizes - We will have medals for first, second and third place, all competitors that finish outside the top 3 will get a ribbon for competing. 

Fair Judging - We will have experienced Judges and Referees wherever possible, there will however be times where less experienced judges and mistakes can and will happen, so we ask that parents and participants please be understanding that we will be doing our best to get it right. 

Sportsmanship - Inspired MA students are expected to compete fairly and honestly and ensure they behave in an appropriate manner at all times. 

Top 3 reasons Kids should take part in Competitions

Build Strong Self-Esteem & Confidence in your Kids!

Not only does competing in an event like this heaps of fun, companion has many benefits, the top 3 are listed below. 

Competition Teaches Kids To handle Pressure

Whether we like it or not, there are times in life when we will all be under some form of pressure.  Personal, career, education, social etc. Competition helps us learn to perform under pressure.  As well as, keeping our nerve when we’re reach outside our comfort zone.

Competition Teaches Kids To Try Their Best

When taking score, there is greater motivation to give our best effort in order to win.  And, when we lose, we are better able to discover what we need to improve in order get a better results next time.

Kids Learn Not To Fear Competition

Fear of competition or failing can paralyses kids (and adults), stopping them from participating in many experiences life has to offer. When they realise that, competition, in the sporting arena, is not as scary as they think, this new-found courage often carries over to other areas of their life.

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